Leading Asian Bank: Improve the Customer Experience


  • Define and share a consistent way to document the process
  • Implement process standardization
  • Improve process and customer experience


  • Customer-centric model
  • Process maturity assessment
  • Information sharing tool


As one of the leading banks in Thailand, managing hundreds of products and services, customer experience, and process standardization are central pillars of the bank's strategy.

Before using HOPEX, this bank documented processes and workflows in various tools, including PowerPoint, Visio, Excel, and Word, and process data was kept in employee storage.

To improve processes and customer experience, they needed to establish the following:

  • A central repository for all products and procedures
  • Easy access to data for all employees
  • An ability for process owners to standardize operations
  • Better visibility on processes to improve the customer journey.

Central repository for all products to manage customer experience

In 2014, the bank realized that customer experience couldn't be thoroughly managed without clear visibility of products and processes. Therefore, the process excellence team was created and now reports directly to the CEO.

They implemented MEGA HOPEX Business Process Analysis and established the required central repository for all products, procedures, data, processes, and customer journey maps.

Today, 70% of processes from over seven business units in the company are described to level 4 and maintained in the repository. The process excellence team initiated the effort and is now held by the process owners. Over 30 users regularly update process information and share it with the organization through an interactive portal.

The team selected MEGA for its leading platform and the partnership approach proposed to guide the company through its transformation.

From a technical perspective, HOPEX checked all the boxes:

  • ability to document processes with a standard approach,
  • ability to describe the bank's structure and process hierarchy,
  • ability to explain processes, IT assets, and risks in a centralized repository,
  • ability to collaborate online with process/product owners through assessments, workflows, and comments.

From a partnership perspective, MEGA supported the project team with experienced consultants and continued providing guidance post-production through its customer success service.

“Despite our efforts to standardize templates for processes and operating procedures, we still encountered inconsistencies in the way diagrams were documented.“
Business Process Management Specialist at the Bank  

Visible improvements

Customer journey improvement

The process documentation structure is fully customer-centric: each process is connected to a customer journey related to a banking product. Linking process maps to customer journeys allows the company to optimize the customer experience of each product and ensure customer satisfaction at each step of the journey. Along the project, the team identified several operational gaps and duplicated efforts toward specific customer journeys and subsequently worked with process owners to optimize the processes. 

Process maturity management

To ensure quality and foster constant improvement, process maturity is regularly assessed against five criteria, each one being measured on a scale of 5 (unacceptable to platinum):

  • customer experience,
  • process and Documentation,
  • capability performance,
  • resource management and level automation,
  • value chain performance management.

With HOPEX, the bank could baseline a process maturity assessment and support regular improvement through quarterly updates.

Information sharing and standardization

The company interactive process excellence portal allows all employees to access product and process-related data in a friendly and easily accessible way, to keep up to date with procedures and ensure operating standards are respected. The tool also benefits internal auditors, who have direct access to procedures when preparing an audit.

Focus on Enterprise Governance through a dedicated IT and Risk Management solution

With products, customer journeys, and operating procedures being documented in HOPEX, the bank plans to extend the value to the organization by adding the IT and Risk Management layers to the stack.

Connecting IT systems to processes and procedures will make it possible to highlight dependencies and ensure business support. IT stakeholders may also benefit from the IT portfolio management solution, which can allow them to increase IT governance and rationalization.

On the risk side, risk managers can map risks and controls directly on process maps for better risk and control assessment and to improve communication with process owners.

Next steps

  • IT governance and rationalization 
  • Risk and control assessment


  • HOPEX Business Process Analysis
  • HOPEX Platform
  • MEGA Services Team
Leading Asian Bank: Improve the Customer Experience



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