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 BPA for DesignBPA for ResiliencyBPA for Simulation
Business Process Analysis
Business Processes Catalog
Business Processes Modeling (BPMN Notation)
Business Processes Assessment
Customer Journey Management
Application Catalog
Risk Management
Risk & Control Register
Risk & Control Modeling
Business Continuity Management
Critical processes and assets identification
Business impact analysis
Business continuity plan management
Process Simulation
Process performance analysis
Scenario comparison

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Microsoft Vision


All our products are based on the HOPEX Platform, benefiting from:
  • Reporting and dashboarding engine
  • Assessment engine with surveys and campaigns
  • Intuitive modeling engine


  • Intuitive workflows
  • Enterprise portal
  • Contextual search


  • Flexible metamodel configurability
  • SOC2 certified secure and scalable platform
  • Open APIs and out-of-the box integrations

Leverage the right services to ensure the success of your project

  • Technical support
  • Knowledge base
  • Online documentation


  • Use case playbooks
  • How-to videos
  • MEGA Community


  • HOPEX Store
  • eLearning
  • Customer Success Manager

Transformation doesn't happen in silos!

Connecting business process management with enterprise architecture, data intelligence, and governance, risks, and compliance helps to develop synergies, fosters collaboration, but also to better understand the business context and evaluate the risks and opportunities of your transformation projects.
  • Get a clear view on applications and systems supporting operations.
  • Understand how processes are delivered from an IT perspective.
  • Evaluate the impacts of process optimizations on IT systems.
  • Get a clear view of data used by processes and how it is transformed with data lineage.
  • Ensure all stakeholders get a common understanding of the concepts used in your organization with a business glossary.
  • Build data reliability by managing and monitoring data quality.
  • More clearly understand risks and their potential impact on operations
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external regulation and improve business compliance
  • Implement business continuity actions and react swiftly to any major disruption to support business and IT resilience.
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